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A Deliberate Act
The Legend of Luanda Magere

A historical fiction novel based on the famous Kenyan folktale.

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Luanda Magere

Why tell his story?

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” — Toni Morrison

That quote haunted me for over a decade. I looked everywhere; I tried to find a literary work based on The Legend of Luanda Magere. To my knowledge, no one had adapted the tale into a novel, a noteworthy play, or even a novella. Confronted by the vacuum, and under the weight of Toni Morrison’s behest, I began to write. 

But why tell this story? Why The Legend of Luanda Magere? I don’t have a singular reason, but I believe the answer includes how Luanda’s tale differed from other East African folktales. “Long ago, when the animals could speak...” - the opening line of many bedtime stories I heard in my childhood, save one. Luanda’s story didn’t employ talking animals from the distant past. Luanda was a man; he loved, fought, married, and died, just like other men. In short, I could relate to the story about a flawed human being, aspire to his greatness, and presumably learn from his lessons.

And now, as a middle-aged adult, I can ask and attempt to answer complicated questions. How did Luanda rise to such reverence, then fall so far and so fast? What can I learn from his story? What can we learn? Is Luanda’s legend a cautionary tale? Is it xenophobic? This endeavor seeks to entertain you and answer these questions at the same time.


Fredrick Rege

Author, writer, thinker

What drove this husband, father, and working professional to become an author? You did. I'll explain.


I'm an avid reader. Few things give me more pleasure than a well-executed plot twist or elegant literary prose. What's it like on the giving end of that transaction? I aim to find out!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs may have driven  me as well. I'm safe, I'm loved, and I'm respected by friends and colleagues. So what's next? How do I justify my existence? Many years ago I said to myself, "I'll channel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig, and find myself through a solo motorcycle trip across America." I asked my wife for permission. She said "No"; and so, I write.

This introduction would fall short if I neglected to mention that I love to write. I'm blessed to have an enjoyable and constructive hobby. I'm also humbled by the opportunity to share the fruits of my labor with you.


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